Stop Giving Me Books.

I’ve got enough books, and I’m done taking them from people. At almost every event I attend, I’ll inevitably come across someone who is giving out copies of a book. I appreciate the thought behind giving out the books, but I don’t read them and I won’t display them. Instead, I’ll expect a free copy of your next book next time I see you.

If we’re all so tech forward, give me a digital copy of your book. It won’t collect dust on my shelves, and you’ve got a decent chance of me reading it on my iPad or HTC Sensation (Seriously, it’s a great phone).

I’m not going to stuff your book into my laptop backpack, because there’s no room. I’m not going to read it for sport while I’m in bed, because I’ve got exciting books to read instead of another business book, and I’m not taking it on vacation, because Amber and I stopped checking bags, which means space is at a premium.

It’s gotten intense with the books lately. The photo is our bookshelf. With a quick look through, I can see 23 books that we were given by the author or publisher. That number doesn’t include books that we decided not to display, or books we’ve given away or left on our stoop for some stranger to enjoy (grabbing books from stoops is a sport here in Brooklyn). I left four books in my hotel room when I left SXSW because I didn’t want to drive them back to NYC from Austin.

If you want to give me a book to read, I’ll read it. I appreciate that you think my opinion is valuable enough to give me a book, but please please please send me the book in ePub or pdf formats. It’ll (most likely) fit in an email and I won’t have to figure out what to do with your book for the rest of the day.

If you want to send me a book in ePub or pdf format, my email address is rob at robblatt dot com.

[Update] My wife has decided to put up a post on her blog titled Give Me Books. The Book War of 2011 has begun!

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