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Monday morning I went to work only briefly to bring home anything personal that I had at my desk at work. It didn’t take long, but afterwards I said a few “see ya later”s because I had taken vacation time this week and wouldn’t be back in the office until Monday.

The president of the company addressed the staff around 4:00, but I was on the road to my parents house for Rosh Hashana dinner. Amber and I stopped at a 7-11 for sunflower seeds, and I checked my iPhone and saw an email titled “It’s Official” from my boss. He read a statement to the staff that would go on to be published in today’s paper.

I’m going to hold back self publishing my thoughts about why the company went out of business and give myself a little distance. Observations are a different story. I was unhappy working there since the original “we might close” announcement, with more resentment growing each day. I watched my co-workers spend less and less time caring about the product they were producing and more about checking Linked In and Gawker. Gawker seemed to know more than we did about the situation.

The original name for thise post was going to be “Fuck That Place”, but then I decided to pull back.