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Why I won’t buy the new AC/DC record

Wal-Mart to sell new AC/DC album exclusively.

Since moving to Brooklyn I made a realization. There are no Wal Mart’s in New York City. That’s awesome, as I can’t stand walking into a Wal Mart. I feel like walking into Wal Mart is what walking into a physical representation on MySpace would be like. Since there are no Wal Marts in the city, I won’t be buying the record. I don’t want to buy it on Wal Mart’s online shop and AC/DC does not believe in making their music available online. There was that deal with Verizon to download AC/DC to your cell phone, but that’s all I’m aware of.

The Marketwatch article talking about how the pairing of AC/DC with Wal Mart could make the album a blockbuster, but I argue that any AC/DC record would be a blockbuster, even of only sold at Chipotle. AC/DC has a rabid following around the world and almost all of their fans will buy just about anything new they release. “Black Ice” will be their sixteenth release, which will no doubt sound the same as the previous fifteen, and rock just as hard.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love AC/DC. I can’t justify giving money to Wal Mart when I feel so strongly about it.

Am I being a snob about this? Are you going to buy the record at Wal Mart?