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Why I have no plans to upgrade to a 3G iPhone, possibly ever

Well, the iPhone pricing information is out over at CrunchGear’s AT&T reveals iPhone 3G launch day details. The basic plan costs $10 more a month, but does not include 200 text messages like the current plan does.

Unlimited text messaging can be added for an additional $20 ($30 for FamilyTalk plans of up to five lines); $15 (1,500 messages), or $5 (200 messages).

There’s your proof of that. Currently I pay $59.99 monthly for 450 daytime minutes plus an extra $10 for 1,500 text messages a month (thank Twitter for that). To get the exact same service with a new iPhone, it looks like I would have to pay $84.99 before taxes and fees. That’s $15 extra per month, or $180 annually. If Amber and I both switch, then we’re talking about $360 a year. That’s too damn much.

I’m extremely happy with my iPhone as it is now, and the shiny new features don’t impress me all that much. And I’ll keep my $360.00 a year.