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Why Twitter Ruled PodCampNYC 2.0

Twitter was all over PodCampNYC this year. I was either meeting people that I already was following on Twitter or I was making new friends to follow on Twitter. Just about everyone had an account and just about everyone was active on it.

Twitter was how people coordinated their plans, announced which sessions they were in or going to, put together flash sessions and impromptu concerts. I didn’t even bother giving people my e-mail address or phone number. Instead I gave them my Twitter account and I made sure that I was following them on Twitter.

Like most other attendees that I encountered I have a Twitter account, but until PodCampNYC, it wasn’t really a social tool. Everyone was using Twitter so effortlessly that for the most part the service became transparent and the value was very clear.

Let’s just hope it stays up for PodCamp Boston.