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Twitter for comments?


So there’s a new service out there which is supposed to be the new hotness according to TechCrunch: BackType, A Twitter For Comments.

I’ve got an account, and I’m evaluating how useful the service is. I could see it as being useful if people in my circle and networks sign up, then I can follow what blog posts they think are important enough to comment on.

So far, I don’t see anything but major blogs listed as ones that I’ve commented on. I see TechCrunch, Read Write Web and Chris Brogan’s blog. None of my friends from PodCamp, not my wife and not my own blog. I don’t yet see a place to sign up to have comments on my blog included. I also question if it makes sense to take comments out of context. It’s very similar to taking a forum response out of context, or just one Seesmic video without the conversation.

Here’s an example:

That’s a pretty bad typo. Peek. Peek Peek.

Make sense to anyone but me? Hardly.

Let me know what you think about BackType.