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2 Girls, 1 Cup & Your Brand – My SXSW Proposal

I’ve talked for YEARS about putting in an SXSW proposal, and I’ve finally done it this year. Vote for it on sxsw.com: 2 Girls, 1 Cup and Your Brand. It’s a talk by me and my good Put It In Your Ears co-host Gavin St. Ours.

Stop pretending like you’re being “edgy” by censoring yourself on the internet. If you want to curse, curse. Do you think that obscuring a few letters changes a words usage? If you bleep out a word, you might evade the lords at Apple, but do you think your show is still family friendly? Stop holding yourself back, this is the internet! You know that you’re aware that Goatse, 2 Girls 1 Cup, Glass Ass, 4chan, Cake Farts, Lemon Party and Tub Girl exist because of the internet, right? Hear from people who aren’t afraid to swear up a storm when it’s right and shut the fuck up when it’s not.

The internet can be awesome, but it can also be terrible. Plenty of brands pretend like it doesn’t exist. Dr. Pepper loves Double Penetration by accident. Hockey news articles often accidentally reference 2 Girls, 1 Cup. Time Magazine’s cover looked a lot like Goatse once.