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Five Most Popular Posts in 2009

Rob Blatt's most popular posts of 2009

  1. Taylor Swift’s “Live” Performance • After Taylor Swift’s performance at the 2009 MTV VMAs, I did a little thinking on what would have been necessary for it to have been pulled off honestly. The second option I gave was a straight lip-sync’d and pre-taped performance. Someone in comments piped up to say that she was in the subway when they taped the first half of the performance.
  2. The Worst Type of Exploitation Spam • When I posted my resume to Craigslist, I got a good amount of spam back, but I took issue with one specific email from spark1energy.net and dissected it. The comments exploded with people who received similar emails, including some people defending the company. It continues to be a source of traffic on a daily basis.
  3. itpc:// A Podcaster’s Best Friend • This post let podcasters know how to set up one click subscriptions to their podcasts without first sending subscribers to a page within iTunes. It also works to use while waiting for Apple to approve your podcast.
  4. DMC LX3 Video Test • I got a Panasonic DMC-LX3 camera as a gift for my 27th birthday, and it’s since become my favorite camera I’ve ever used. This was published in 2008, but was still tops because of the simple title to the post’s high search ranking for “DMX LX3 video” and “DMC LX3 video test”.
  5. Slow hosting from GoDaddy • I have had issues surrounding the blog all year, mostly relating to GoDaddy. In this case, it was an issue with the code from Lijit, a search plugin. For the past year, I’ve been obsessed with speeding up the site as much as possible, and I’ve managed to reduce page loading times down to a quarter of what they were a year ago.

Photo: What’s going on? via Flickr by me