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CES 2010 Trends: Smaller and Faster and the Gadget Life Cycle

CES wasn’t very glamorous as far as a flashy new technology or one gadget that defined the convention. While the major media is talking about #d televisions and technology, the attendees didn’t seem impressed with “the future of TV”. There was an undercurrent of devices that followed a life cycle I’ve been thinking about for a little while:
Rob Blatt's Gadget Life Cycle Diagram
USB 2 vs USB 3 speeds

With USB 3.0 being adopted by a few computer makers, bandwidth between a computer and an external hard drive has increased dramatically.
The increase in USB speeds and constant advance in laptop processor technology are closing the gap between what’s possible on a desktop computer and what’s possible on a laptop computer. On my primary laptop (a Macbook Pro), the shortcoming is the hard drive. Realistically, I can’t edit video or edit multi-track audio on my machine because the hard drive isn’t fast enough to meet the read and write speed requirements necessary for good performance.

2.5" RAID drivesSo what’s new? RAID drives meant for mobile computers. On the CES show floor, RAIDon was showing off some 2.5″ RAID drives (pictured) that had a smaller footprint than two dollar bills and wasn’t more than three inches tall. Seagate has a PC Express USB 3.0 kit, the BlackArmor PS110 USB 3.0 which helps solve the problem of USB 3.0 and backwards compatibility.

We’ll see more of these miniaturized RAID 2.5″ drives coming out from other companies with faster USB connections or adapter cards like the Seagate. The hard drive configurations support spinning or solid state drives, which unlock the potential for these drives to get faster and get smaller at the same time.