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My Talk from Podcamp and General Thoughts

Update: Roland has posted the audio with a post New Media Sandbox: http://www.newmediasandbox.com/2008/05/03/podcamp-nyc-session-straddling-the-technical-editorial-line/.

Listen here: [audio:http://ia360936.us.archive.org/1/items/NMS-PodcampNYC-1/Podcamp-NYC-Technical-Editorial-Line.mp3]

Earlier today, I gave my first talk at a conference of any variety. I always wondered who the people who gave these talks were, and now I know I’m one of them. (They’re not crazy)

The talk was about productivity and why we wind up procrastinating in ways that seem productive. The people who came were all amazing. The room started with six, and I was going to be very happy talking to those six people, but within ten minutes of my start, I had an absolutely full room with.

I’m going to post the audio that was recorded by someone who was not me (it was BadDad). There’s a really good write up about my session by Amanda MacArthur, so if you missed it, that’s where to read up about it.

I’m out of my mind happy. I never thought I could do this, and I managed to get my first talk under my belt, and I had a great time.

More later, including my meatspace social networking idea that I used at the conference.