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What else is there to Twitter?

At Podcamp Montreal I attended Adele McAlear’s Using Twitter to Build and Monitor Your Personal Brand. Her talk was a great summary of the ways to use Twitter for the uninitiated, but I knew those before I walked in. I’m just using Adele’s session as a starting off point here, not bashing it. I loved it.

But what else is there to Twitter? Have we figured it all out yet? Share, ask, don’t broadcast, search, hashtags, PR, be a person, ComcastCares, RichardAtDell, etc. I’m no super user of Twitter, but I also refuse to believe I know how to use something to its fullest potential. I’m always looking for alternate uses for my tools, and I’m looking for more from Twitter. I’m not looking for another tool, my tribe isn’t on the other tools, I’m looking for more from Twitter.

Some people say don’t post your personal links on Twitter, but traffic to this blog is primarily from Twitter. People find the posts because I post them to Twitter, more than people find my entire site on Google on a regular basis, so I know that a blend of personal info and links works. I’ve found work, friends, meetups and lunches thanks to my Twitter usage. I got a free hard drive.

What else is there for Twitter?

[UPDATE] Dan Patterson just sent me along a post from the official twitter blog about what Current TV will be doing during the presidential debates using Twitter. Twitter and Democracy is the post. I think business use is different from my personal use. Perhaps I’ll have to think about business use differently.