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How I’m Using Twitter vs. Pownce vs. Plurk

While watching Die Hard 4 and a little bored tonight, I stared an experiment. For the most part Twitter is my main method of communicating in the 140 character/microblog world. There comes a time when I want to send out a million messages but I don’t want to destroy anyone’s SMS plans that follow me on their cells. Especially not with the useless drivel the I’m sending out tonight.

So for mini-events like this where I’m not being social, I want to be able to still use these services. I’m not at a conference, this information isn’t very important but I want to put it out. In cases like this where I’m writing down random thoughts while watching Die Hard 4, I’m going to use Pownce.

When Twitter goes down, I plan on using Plurk.

Read up on my thoughts on Die Hard 4 on my Pownce page. Don’t expect a whole lot of updates once this experiment is done until the next one happens.

Rob Blatt on Twitter
Rob Blatt on Pownce
Rob Blatt on Plurk

Jaiku? I don’t have much of a use for it yet. I’m sure I’ll think of something.

How do you use these services? Do you only use one of them? Are you spreading your Tweets to the other services? Are you creating unique content in all cases? Let me know in the comments and friend me on the different services if you have an account.