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Let’s Be Awesome Together

Chris Cavs interviewed me for a blog post about personal branding last week. Much like all topics internet related, I had an opinion on the use of the term “personal branding”. In short, I hate the term on the basis that it makes me sound like a business. I’m not a business. I’m Rob Blatt.

Chris might have said it best:

I am not a logo, a name, a design. I am me.

It seemed like two years ago, a few influencers on the internet decided they were going to speak about themselves like they were a company. They nearly forgot everything that made them influencers to begin with and forgot the fun side of being a person involved in a community. The idea that you are an individual was placed to the side and suddenly we were all managing our personal brands. I have enough managing my self-esteem, let alone what esteem others hold me in. I mean, isn’t this exactly what our parents and teachers told us to avoid doing when we were children? The only person’s opinion that matters is your own, not someone else’s. I’m pretty sure if I called my mother and said that someone thought that I was a loudmouthed asshole, she would ask what I think about myself.

I’m not talking that we should call this turd by a different name to make it smell better. I’m talking about casting that turd aside and starting fresh.I’m not happy with calling what you think of me my brand and there are plenty of others who think the same way that I do.

It’s not possible to be a super hero. Give it up. Super heros have powers that make them different from the rest of the population. You’re also most likely not a rock star. I gave up my dreams of being Gene Simmons, James Hetfield or Dave Grohl years ago. They are rock stars. You’re still a human being at the end of the day and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

So here’s my proposal. Everyone should take a few steps back. Forget branding. Put marketing on the shelf. Be awesome. Treat others like they are awesome, because they are. See what happens to what other people think about you when you treat them like they are just as awesome as you.

Are you going to be awesome with me? With enough of us, we can start something.

Updated:After Chris Cavs’ awesome comment listed below I added the rock star bit in the 5th graph.