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Taking Small Bites. The Earbender Meetup

Have you taken a small bite lately? Have you done something that is a low investment with a low risk, but a potential for a high return?

A small bite could be launching a site redesign, an ebook or perhaps hosting a meetup. Last night I went to a meetup hosted by Earbender.com‘s John Rosenfelder. It was John’s first meetup and it was at the low key Emerald Bar in Manhattan’s upper west side. The bar wasn’t very wide, so our relatively small group was packed together and everyone was forced to be a little more social. It was a fun time.

Here’s John’s description of the event from the Facebook page:

earbender brings together old and new media on a daily basis. In our first “meet-up,” I aim to create a networking opportunity for music business veterans and new media people who are interested in sharing info and techniques with each other.

As one of the “new media people” I was excited to attend to meet a network of people who don’t run in my circles. The music business folks were nice people and I felt like it was a great blend of people talking about two of my favorite topics, music and media.

Like I mentioned, it was John’s first meetup, and I think it was a smashing success. We celebrated Dan Patterson‘s birthday and the 30th anniversary of the Waylon Jennings’ Dukes of Hazard soundtrack. It raised awareness of what Earbender is doing with SonyBMG Legacy and everyone in attendance got a Waylon Jennings album courtesy of SonyBMG Legacy. Who doesn’t love Waylon Jennings? According to the Earbender blog, even John Lennon liked Waylon.

Is there a small bite that you can be taking? Even if it’s just inviting some people over for dinner, out to drinks or asking someone to be a guest on a podcast, you can be making small bites that make a big difference. If the meetup hadn’t worked out John would have been at a bar with one or two people and had a stack of leftover CDs. Instead, the front half of the Emerald Bar was full of people talking and having a good time thanks to Earbender.

If you’ll excuse me, I have a Waylon Jennings CD to listen to…