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The Super Diggnation Meetup – 5/7/08

The Diggnation NYC Meetup graphicWow. Last night was one heck on a night in Manhattan with the stars aligning at the Lunasa Bar. There were lots of awesome people there, some faces I knew from the internet, some faces I knew from previous encounters and some new faces. I’ve gotta acknowledge Walt Ribeiro in general for being an awesome guy and one of those new friends I made at PodCamp a few weeks ago. At some point in the night Walt and I decided to walk around together to avoid the “one new guy in a conversation” and it worked pretty well.

Anyway, afterwards Amber joined us for some drinks and we headed to S’Mac with Kevin from TikiBarTV, Alana Taylor (who will have her own video show soon but she wouldn’t tell me with what site), Bryan Thatcher of FuseBox and one guy I can’t recall his name or where he was from.

It was a great night and, the organizer, Mike Lewis seriously out did himself with the bar selection ($3 well drinks and $3 beers). I managed to shoot a tiny bit of video thanks to Kevin’s camera:

link: Super Tech Diggnation Meetup – Lunasa