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My new show Create Consume Delete

A few weeks ago I launched Create Consume Delete with video guy Chris Cavs. Each week we have a conversation about making media, and do a little teaching as well. The show is meant to talk about three different groups of people.

Creators – this is the easiest to describe. These are the people who are making media in some form or fashion. TV or radio shows, streaming media, downloadable media,blogging, microblogging, etc.

Consumers – You are consuming media by reading it on a website, watching it on TV, listening to it in your car, etc. This is appointment based media, appointments in time or location.

Deleters – Downloading files and taking them with you. This includes time shifting as well. Deleters are becoming more and more popular.

I encourage you to listen to the show at www.createconsumedelete.com or subscribe to the show on iTunes.

This is the first of a few shows I’ll be launching in the coming months. I’ll let you know right here on the blog.