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Limitations to “Get More Episodes” from iPhone firmware 2.2

I was pretty happy to see an iPhone update waiting for me this morning because I wanted to try out the new feature to download more episodes of podcasts while on the go. Here’s the write up from Engadget: iPhone 2.2 firmware update available now, Google Street View and plenty more. Here are two reasons not to get excited just yet:

  • Downloaded podcasts do not sync back to iTunes
    If you download any podcast episodes, it stays on your iPhone/iTouch and does not get transferred back to you computer like your purchases would. Thanks a lot jerks!
  • Apple checks the iTunes store instead of an RSS feed to download. If you’re not in the iTunes Store (Door From Hell Off-Ramp or Mashtuptown) your podcast/feed can’t be updated on the go.

My buddy Cliff has pretty much the same complaints as I do and has made his gripes public with his post iPhone 2.2 – Podcast Download Feature Seriously Flawed.

I’ll say this though, all my podcasts are in the iTunes store and are generally up to date, but the update makes the feature more involved than it has to be.