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Chase the Unicorn: The Funnest iPhone App from SXSW 2012

“What’s the next Twitter or Foursquare?”

That’s the question too many people ask at SXSW (I’m guilty of it as well). Sometime you’ve gotta look for the ridiculous, and I found it thanks to my buddy Derek Overbey from Roost.

Chase the Unicorn was the most fun iPhone app from SXSW 2012. Here’s the developer’s description:

Ever been taunted by the elusive unicorn, sowing its seed of doubt whether you are at the best SXSW party or venue? Have you tried to chase the unicorn, foolishly dashing all night from one place to the next? Well, here’s the answer to your woes. Now you can track the unicorn, letting it magically lead you to where the best party is currently happening. Simply open up the app and head for where the unicorns at. Let the magic take over and enjoy your evening knowing you’re having a cooler time than everybody else. Note: this app is not officially affiliated with SXSW Inc.

Who is the Unicorn? Read the SXSW Unicorn Twitter account and read deep enough and you’ll find the answer.