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Slow hosting from GoDaddy

The past few days this site has some to a crawl for what appears to be no reason aside from GoDaddy’s hosting. I’ve heard similar complaints from people on Twitter.

Despite this not being my fault, I’m sorry. This is supposed to be a simple blog (take a look at the design) and it’s not supposed to be the kind of site you go get some hot chocolate while it loads. I’m going to ry and resolve this soon or I will just wind up leaving GoDaddy. Not having the latest PHP isn’t going to make me leave the service, but serving a WordPress blog that is using Super Cache and has a low amount of traffic is enough.

I’ll give GoDaddy until the Super Bowl to get their shit together or I start migrating.

Update:Looks like GoDaddy is blaming Lijit for the issues. I’m not 100% convinced that this is the issue, as much as it still might be GoDaddy’s fault. The Lijit folks don’t deserve any blame in this case, they’re an awesome company. For the moment, I’m search-less on the blog while I work these issues out.