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Boo Berry and the Power of Community

Cereal. on 12seconds.tv

Ever had a craving for some BooBerry? Bat Eats Bat did. At 10:33 pm she left the grocery store disappointed she couldn’t find any BooBerry cereal, so she posted a video to 12Seconds showing her disappointment.

Fourteen minutes later StarWarsDork posted this awesome link:

General Mills Product Locator

It’s not fancy or shiny, nor does it have an open API or a Twitter account, but it gives you the location of the nearest Boo Berry or Frankenberry. Not only that, but the response was wicked fast from SWD.

I think this little story sums up why I love the communities that I’m a part of.

As a side note, if you think ahead you can order BooBerry on Amazon.