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A Fluid PeopleBrowsr

My friend Sukhjit became one of the product managers over at the company PeopleBrowsr. PeopleBrowsr is a social network dashboard for Twitter, Seesmic, YouTube, FriendFeed and other social networks (but not yet 12Seconds.tv, which is my absolute favorite).

I’ve used TweetDeck up until now for my Twitter stream. The reason was because it doesn’t rely on a browser. I tend to crash browsers by having too many windows and tabs open. PeopleBrowsr’s downfall was that it wasn’t an application, but only a website.

There’s a solution for OS X with Fluid.app. Using Fluid, I’m able to keep PeopleBrowsr as an application of it’s own. I’ve uploaded the application I’ve made using Fluid for OS X.
Requires OS X 10.5

PeopleBrowsr for OS X (3.4 MB download)

Update: A plus of using this app of PeopleBrowsr is that you can have it be your desktop background. Background Twitter ftw!