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The Problem with Twitter and Blog Comments

I have a problem with Twitter in relation to my blog comments. I post links to my blog comments on Twitter as they are posted to the blog. Usually I’ll find that people will read the post and then comment on Twitter instead of the comment section of the blog. This might sound like a bit of a whiny complaint, but why is the conversation not happening in context with the original content?

I obviously appreciate any discussion around my content, but how do we solve the problem of not being able to post to both Twitter and make a blog comment. To some degree, Mashable has put a merger between the two by allowing you to post to Twitter that you have commented on a blog post, but it doesn’t allow you to continue the conversation in both places. It just sticks a flag in your Twitter stream stating that you’ve been to Mashable and have commented.

Is this a problem that BackType is supposed to solve? Maybe it’s a Data Portability or Open ID or Open Social issue? Gogle Friend Connect? Facebook Connect? I know that Twitter has not jumped on board with any of those initiatives.

Here’s what I’d like to see happen (are you listening Disqus? CoComment? Other comment companies/plugin makers?)

I’d like to see a WordPress plugin that gives an option to use Twitter credentials to post a comment on the blog comment that will cross post the first characters to their Twitter account in response (@robblatt) to me, also giving a tinyurl back to the blog post. Is that possible?

Have you seen more discussion on Twitter about your posts than in the comments of your blog lately?