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Quick notes from Social Dev Camp East: Twitter vote report + Election 08 tech

Played this piece of audio Twitter Your Voting Irregularities To NPR which is about the project Twitter Vote Report and Vite Report dot com. Twitter Vote Report code is located at github.com.

Leading the discussion is Dave Troy.

Interesting way to pull data together. SMS, phone messages and Twitter are all coming into one main application that is mapping reports live. There are lots of people that are going to be using the data at http://votereport.pbwiki.com/partners.

Will people really be using this? The idea is to make an immediate response capability possible. SMS is proprietary and phone messages are done with asterisk.

If Twitter fails, everything else will still work. They’re not sure how it’ll work, but it’s an interesting experiment.

Vote Report supports “L:location” to really locate yourself without GPS.

Has anyone approached them about being embedded at a polling station? Yes, they are calling those people “super tweeters”.

Conversation should be taken off the project, because it’s meant to be a data feed. The hardest part of all of it is normalizing the data.

Can this be easily turned on another topic? Should be able to, there was lots of work that went into it.

In terms of crowd sourcing, what’s the most effective means of reaching folks? It’s spread out, but specific communities that are geared towards specific functions.