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Open letter to Justin at Muxtape

note: this was also sent by email. Don’t think that I assume my blog is also an email platform. However, if you agree, you can email Justin at Justin at muxtape dot com

Hey Justin,
You don’t know me, but I’m a believer in what you have done to date with Muxtape. I’m also a believer in Creative Commons, and I feel like you might be as well. PodShow’s podsafe music kinda sucks and that’s recognized by a lot of people. I’m not sure what the future holds for Muxtape, but if you have a moment to listen to the ramblings of a crazy content producer, I’d like to give you an idea.
Muxtape is an extremely powerful platform. I love the idea of a band putting their music on a site that is relatively centralized. As a podcaster, I know the added value of Creative Commons licensed music, and I see Muxtape as a platform that could overthrow Mevio’s stale and out of date PodSafe Music Network. By simply offering downloads (at the band’s discretion of course) released under a CC license, Muxtape can become the place to get music that is safe for podcasts. While this might not be your goal with the site, there is a community of podcasters looking for music and different places to find it.
If this interests you, I implore you to add the functionality into the site (I can’t imagine it would be that difficult) because podsafe music needs another voice on the net.

Thank you,
Rob Blatt