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CES 2010: The New Pleo from Innvo Labs

Pleo by Innvo LabsOne of the best things about the future is robots. This isn’t the future that we live in, but the future we were promised as kids. This is the future with flying cars and jet packs. While at CES 2010, I had a small encounter with one of these relics from the future. A pet robot dinosaur named Pleo.

Ugobe, the company that made the original Pleo, went out of business and dashed my hopes and dreams of ever owning my own pet robot dinosaur. Luckily, Innvo Labs brought the Pleo back and made some awesome improvements.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Derek Dotson at CES 2010 about the Pleo’s second coming and the improvements made to the unit for the second release. Check out the interview in the YouTube embed and see more of my CES coverage and see all the videos the team produced at CES at TechPodcasts at blip.tv