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The Kindle Fire, Sideloading and Google’s Philosophies.

Sometimes it’s a pain being a Kindle Fire user.

Google released Currents for iOS and Android devices last week. It made a big splash with plenty of coverage around the web praising and hating Google’s latest release. Too bad that the Kindle Fire isn’t considered an Android device when it comes to Google.

Google doesn’t make their apps available for download through the Amazon Appstore. Google makes 14 (14!) apps for the iPhone, a competing platform, but nothing for the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire uses the same base code as any other Android application. Little has to be done to get an Android app that isn’t in the Amazon Appstore. Most work out of the gate.

What’s Google’s hangup with releasing Kindle Fire apps? No doubt they don’t like Amazon’s control over the platform. There has been plenty of criticism about Amazon’s handling of the Amazon Appstore. Google may not want to get involved, but they are turning their backs on millions of users. I’m going to guess that the Kindle Fire will outsell all other Android tablets combined (exception: nook Color + Tablet).

There are alternative sources for apps for the Kindle Fire out there, but they lack the ease of use of the Amazon Appstore. If you want to install Google Currents, The Unofficial Kindle Fire blog has a quick 22 step process to get it working on the Kindle Fire. Here’s a seven minute video explaining how to get regular Android Marketplace apps on your Kindle Fire. By the way, both of those methods break Amazon’s video capabilities.

I once read (can’t find the source) that Google created iOS apps because it was important to spread their platform as wide as possible. If that’s the case, don’t you think we should start seeing some Kindle Fire apps soon?