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Attention to Detail: The MixMaker Slurpee

7-Eleven is now offering something they are calling a MixMaker Slurpee, which is a large Slurpee cup with a plastic divider down the center and a straw (sold separately) that allows you to drink from both sides at once.


I can’t resist the amazement that is two segregated Slurpee flavors in one cup. Tasty Berry Blaster on this side, Coke on that side. Done. I’ll call it the Coke Blaster. Then I noticed something interesting. Normally, you fill a Slurpee over the top, because of the dome lid that 7-Eleven has created. With a cup that only separates as tall as the cup, you can’t overfill your MixMaker Slurpee without taking the risk of crossing the flavors. Take a second look at that photo and answer me how it is possible? It isn’t.

With the MixMaker Slurpee, you:

  • Get less Slurpee, because you don’t want to risk flavor contamination
  • Pay more for the special cup
  • Pay extra for the special straw

With the MixMaker Slurpee, you pay more and get less, but the people buying them in droves when I went to a 7-Eleven on a hot summer day didn’t seem to mind.

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed my Coke Blaster.