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How 12Seconds Keeps Me Coming Back

Have you heard of 12Seconds.tv yet? It’s not just another video conversation site. 12Seconds has a limit of, you guessed it, twelve Seconds for videos. Why twelve seconds? I’ll let the marketing material answer that:

Because anything longer is boring. The scientists here at the 12seconds dodecaplex have conducted countless hours of research to determine the precise amount of time it takes for boredom or apathy to set in during typical Internet video viewing. Our patent pending Electro-Tear-Duct Prongers have determined that exactly 12 seconds of video is the ideal amount of time to keep anything interesting.

While posting 12 second long videos is fun, they’ve also come up with a way to get people (like me) coming back to the site every day. It’s called the 12Second Challenge. The people at 12Seconds post a question that sits on the homepage, and responding to it is just on click away. They award one winner each day for what I assume is the best answer.

I won yesterday’s challenge!

12 challenge: What’s the one feature that 12seconds needs to launch next? on 12seconds.tv