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National Podcast Post Month in 12Seconds

Some people write novels in November, but being honest I know I have no chance of writing a novel in a month. Even a bad one. You know what I can do? Podcast daily for a month. That’s the idea behind National Podcast Post Month.

This week, 12Seconds.tv added the ability to download an mp4 of any 12Seconds video. Try it out with any video onmy 12Seconds.tv channel. The RSS feeds for 12Seconds are still including .flv files (flash files), which are not terribly useful to the average web user.

I combined those ideas and thought how easy it could be for 12Seconds to include the mp4 files in their feeds instead of the flv files, and how much publicity it would get them. How would it get them publicity? Well, I know for certain that I would submit my feed to iTunes for inclusion in the Podcast channel of the iTunes Store. I bet a whole lot of my friends would as well. Combine that with NaPodPoMo and you get a powerful little promotional tool. Suddenly 12Seconds makes it easy for everyone to participate.

It’s a win-win scenario, and I know that they’ve heard me idea. Hopefully there’s enough time left for them to evaluate, test and implement before November 1st, but if they do I’ll be super thrilled and you can expect to see me promoting another podcast, this one in 12Second bites.

Here’s the video of me asking for mp4s in the RSS feeds:

Fetures request: mp4 enclosures inside RSS feeds on 12seconds.tv

UPDATE! Before even posting this, I got a response on Twitter from Jacob Knobel saying that it could happen as soon as this weekend! This is awesome news.