Android and Droid: Parental Guidance Suggested

Editor’s note: Parental control information can be found here – Android Market Parental Controls.

Google’s open Andoird smart phone application store might backfire on them in a way they never expected. This week, MiKandi released an application for Android phones that is its own app store for adult content. Here are the headlines: Porn App Store Lands on Android Phones, Porn app targets your Android, Porn on G1…. Finally!… you get the idea. When Google built the Android platform, they made their app store open for all to develop form and this is exactly opposite of Apple’s often criticized iTunes App Store approval process.

In a world of iPhone & AT&T vs Android & Verizon commercials, Apple & AT&T were just handed an opportunity to market their approval process as a good thing for parents who are interested in purchasing a cell phone for their children. My mother would never have allowed me to own a cell phone where there was an application to potentially download pornography with. To that degree, Apple has a leg up on the app store market. The trick is to figure out how to say “THERE’S A PORNO APP FOR ANDROID PHONES” without specifically saying “THERE’S A PORNO APP FOR ANDROID PHONES”. Apple wouldn’t want to advertise someone else’s platform or the MiKandi porn app store.

While people will continuously complain about Apple’s approval process, the available alternative isn’t something that parents should be comfortable with. Check out this post in the Android Support forum where parents and pornography addicts discuss the need for some kind of parental control for the phone’s app store, specifically to prevent people from being able to download apps liek the MiKandi app store – Parental Controls?

According to C&R Research, 22 percent of young kids between the ages of 6-9, 60 percent of tweens age 10-14 and 84 percent of teens 15-18 own a cell phone. With those numbers, there is a strong need for “clean” smart phones. While Apple’s process isn’t perfect, it creates a cleaner phone. Apple has an opportunity to advertise that no apps on its phone are “adult” and that other phones have some adult content that shouldn’t be seen by children.

Here’s the video for the MiKandi app store on the Android platform:

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  1. Man, I just wrote a brilliant, insightful comment, but Disqus ate it. So instead of re-writing my astute observations on the widespread availability and ease of use of parental controls in modern electronics (and the mystifying aversion many parents seem to have when it comes to actually using them), I'll say this:

    Why would anybody watch porn on a screen that small?

  2. This is very informative. I would like to say that parental controls are useful not only for windows and mac machines but also for smart phones. Phones such as the Android, Blackberry and iPhones are very controllable from a parents perspective.
    This site – has a lot of information on all links of parental controls both free and paid versions.

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