My Short Experience with the 2012 Chevy Sonic

I test drove the new Chevy Sonic at NYComicCon 2011. Chevy gave us some breakfast and put us through a short presentation about how the car was all new, is being marketed as a car for millennials and talked about the engine and frame a bit. I understood some of it and headed for the car.

The Sonic seemed fast on the road. While we didn’t get to take it out for a high speed drive, we took it around most of Manhattan via the West Side Highway and FDR Drive. I wanted to go faster, but laws and traffic wouldn’t allow. From the driver’s side of things, the new dashboard is simple at a glance and there are plenty of places to put your things (see a pic of the center console here). If you want to hook your phone directly into the stereo, there’s a little compartment above the glovebox for that too. You can control most of an iPhone’s music capabilities from the dash, which is why it’s put away. On the Equinox I drove down to SXSW this year, there was a phone hookup in a center storage unit for the same idea.

It’s a cool looking car, and is Chevy’s response to the Ford Fiesta. It’s for the same crowd and I assume we’ll see more and more and more from Chevy about this car.


the threw it out a plane:

and threw it off a 100-foot platform: