Walt Ribeiro + Revision 3 beta are a match made in heaven

Revision3 has opened up their Beta site:

Revision3 is on the prowl for the next generation of Internet television! It is becoming increasingly difficult for content producers and hosts to find audiences for their shows. We’re striving to locate these content producers and expose these shows to its existing, vast fan base. There’s no limit to the type of shows Revision3 Beta is interested in.

One of those shows is Your Weekly Music Lesson with Walt, with Walt frickin Ribeiro himself! This is a huge step forward for Walt, who is poised to be one of the next stars in online video. His energy and passion are infectious, and he’s building himself up from nowhere.

2009 will be the year of Walt Ribeiro, trust me.

2 thoughts on “Walt Ribeiro + Revision 3 beta are a match made in heaven”

  1. I absolutely agree. Rev. 3 is doing what many others cannot. Building compelling internet programming. We watch their shows regularly on our Apple TV.

    Walt Ribeiro has the right mix of personality, chops, and looks to make for great TV. In fact, he’ll elevate the Rev. 3 brand imho.

    Great things coming…


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