the opposite of Vietnam and Madeline Albright

Normally I avoid polical talk anywhere outside of my own head and with those who I consider close to me. I guess now is an exception to that rule. At some point I heard what I thought was a great analogy about the war in Iraq. I think it might have been in Lewis Black’s “Nothing’s Sacred” book, but I could be wrong.

Nothing's Sacred

I’d also suggest anyone to reead Madeline Albright’s op-ed piece published onlnie by the LA Times here.

We went to war in Vietnam thinking that if South vietnam went Communist after a military takeover that the rest of the countries in that region would follow suit using their example and turn Communist. We went to war for that idea.

This time around, the Bush administration was thinking that if the US turns Afghanistan and Iraq into democracies after military takeover, the rest of the countries in the region would follow suit an turn democratic. I guess President Bush missed that by missing the war completely.