The company TechCrunch50 doesn’t want

The blog has been seeing a steady flow of people interested in the TechCrunch50 because of my posting of the rejection letter that I got twice. Someone posted a link to one of those posts on and I’ve seen traffic go way up thanks to that one link in one comment. I figured that I’ll explain what it is that I submitted to the competition.

It was a long shot, but I submitted 50 Pounds of Dog Food to the competition. I figured that there was a minute chance that after seeing hours and hours of random companies that are selling advertising against random services, a company that is selling t-shirts to help feed dogs across the country and hopefully world would be a breath of fresh air. the organizers obviously didn’t agree with me, so I got a rejection letter.

I don’t know if I’ve spoken about 50 Pounds of Dog Food on the blog. The idea is simple. We are going to solicit t-shirt designs for shirts to sell for $20 each (plus shipping if not in person) and every dime that is profit on those shirts goes towards feeding shelter dogs. For $20, you can buy about 50 pounds of dog food, hence the name. We’re looking for our first designs right now, so if you want to help out, submit a design.

4 thoughts on “The company TechCrunch50 doesn’t want”

  1. My company let TechCrunch know about a charity program we tied to one of our Facebook apps, and they weren’t the least bit interested. It’s pretty clear that they’re all about the Benjamins. Looks like we’ll have to keep the 50 Pounds of Dog Food campaign at the grassroots level for now, but at least there’s no doubt you’ll have people who will support you on this!

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