Rob Blatt vs. Charter Communications Round 1

Round 1: Annoyance

I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls lately from area code 515. I don’t know anyone who lives in that part of Iowa. specifically Des Moines. Hell, all I know of Des Moines Iowa is that it’s mentioned in The Anniversary song “The D in Detroit”.

Apparently my cell phone number has been sold to Marketlink Inc. from my cable company, Charter Communications. Now, my cell phone is registered on the national do not call list. And the only company that I currently deal with that I use my cell phone # with is my cable company, Charter Communications. Also, I ran a Google search on the phone number that keeps popping up (515-309-9027) and found a few sites that link Marketlink Inc. to Charter Communications and Cox, another cable provider.

In two days I’ve gotten three calls from this company who very publicly fought against the do not call registry. This guy did too.

5:31, 7:28 and 8:52 pm.

Carter Communications will be getting a phone call from me this evening. I’d like to see them try to deny that they have a relationship with Marketlink Inc. after seeing this document on the FTC website.

And what’s worse is that these people do business with my cable company, which makes them able to skirt the laws that were put in place to stop this kinda bullcrap in the first place.