Rob Blatt vs. Charter Communications Round 2

Round 2: First Blood

Apparently Charter Communications was having Marketlink Inc. contact me to offer me their higher speed internet connection (5MBs up from my current 3MBs) for a few extra bucks a month for six months. This would be similar to the few motnsh I got of their DVR service for $1.

The difference is that last time, they didn’t call me 5 times in three days to notify me of the new service. I think I flustered the telemarketer…

“Hi, I’m calling on behalf of Charter Communications. Is this Mr. or Mrs. Blatt? We’re offering you the higher speed connection with almost double upload and download speeds.”

“But you’re not Charter Communications, they’re not based in Des Moines Iowa.”

“Well, yes. The company calling is Marketlink, we handle Charters promotional phone calls.”

“Right, so about the service, is there a guarantee on the speed?”

“It’s twice as fast as your current connection.”

“Right, but is there a minimum speed I can expect.”

“Well, you’re limited by your computer’s speed.”

“That not true, my computer is very capable of recieving and sending much more information that 5MBs, so this would be a provider issue, not an end user issue.”

“Well, there’s no guarantee on the service.”

“Thanks. You know what? I think I want to be removed from your call lists. All of them.”

“But you’ll miss out of promotional offers that way.”

“Yeah, let’s make sure that Marketlink doesn’t call me again.”

“It might take up to 30 days to remove your name from the system.”

So if I get another phone calll after a month from tomorrow it’s onto Round 3.