Linkage from other blogs and podcasts

  • I was interviewed by Chris Cavs over IM recently. Chris and I spoke together at Social Media Camp NYC about how quality matters nearly as much as content. Chris’ post is Becoming Less Than Human and speaks about having a personal brand. This is something that inspired the post ‘Let’s Be Awesome Together’ from last week here on the blog. For Chris’ write up about quality, it’s titled Is Content the Only King?.
  • Michael Kwan interviewed me over e-mail about my switch last year from being a freelancer to getting a full time job. The post is titled Can You Work for the Man Again? He writes about how I sold out to work for the man. Michael’s a freelance writer, so he certainly has a point of view about it. I’m moving to Brooklyn in a week, so I have no complaints about my decision. I’d like to thank Miranda McCurlie for hooking me up with that interview.
  • Finally, Andrea Zuniga put out a call for topics on Twitter for her podcast ‘Geek is Chic’. I was in the process of writing my post about Twitter and what it means to follow or be followed by people, so I sent a message to her that I wanted to hear about what it means to follow someone on Twitter. The episode is called To Follow or Not to Follow.