Gawker is just as screwed as the companies it mocks

Here’s some disclosure: I work at a newspaper in New York City. I work as the podcast producer. By nature of the first statement, my company has been written about in Gawker many times. I have no ill will towards Gawker and most of the people in the office read it to keep up on the revolving door that is the hires and fires in newspapers.

Gawker spends a fair amount of time ripping on newspapers.

But an article over on Radar made me smile this morning: Gawker Cuts Staff Pay Rate for Second Consecutive Quarter. I feel bad for the people who are receiving the checks over there and have no ill will for the staff of Gawker personally, but perhaps it’s time to rethink the “blogging for dollars” model. This could be signaling that Gawker is in a bit of trouble. First, lots of people leave, and Emily Gould does it in a way that paints Gawker as the worst thing that’s ever happened to her a the New York Times Magazine cover story, titled “Exposed – Blog-Post Confidential“. Then in April, Gawker sells three of the money losing properties. This is all following the first time that Gawker (publicly) altered its pay structure towards being paid for the number of people that visit each story. In my opinion, it’s ruined the content of the site.

I think that Gawker, a media company, is having the same issues that other media companies are having.