Asking For Help

When I was in high school, I wasn’t a great student. I was headed towards a college career in sound recording and performance, so I didn’t think that anything that wasn’t directly related to that was important. I skated through economics, barely made it through algebra, and had to make a promise to my French teacher that I wouldn’t ever speak the language again. Don’t ask about my GPA because I can’t remember it.

My mother used to be a math teacher, so I had a tutor in the house, but because I was a teenager and she was my mother I was unwilling to ask for help. My low math scores must have been a bit embarrassing for her.

I wrote about my feelings about isolation while remote learning in my last post. I hadn’t thought to look up tutoring online to help walk me through issues that continue to plague me, but today I’ve got an appointment to walk through the first lab that tripped me up.

Part of what I’ve been working through in therapy has been about not being scared to ask for help. Let’s see how it goes.