Another Wall. Another Fucking Wall.

I’ve hit a huge wall with the Gradient Descent Step Sizes Lab. Calculating a gradient descent has proven to be mind-bending for me at the moment. I have an understanding of the concept, but the execution feels beyond my reach.

I installed the DataCamp app on my phone and then signed up for the courses online. I’ve been through the first two sets of components in hopes of catching up to where I am with the courses. April 3 is 16 days away and I’m starting to worry.

Tomorrow morning I have a plan to hop on Codementor and sort out the lab with someone smarter than I am in hopes of absorbing this. I’ve found the support for the prep course, both personal and technical, a bit lacking.

I’m in the Slack and asked a question on the learning platform without much of an answer. I scheduled a walkthrough of the school on Wednesday and I’m hoping to connect with some people while I’m there.