I Did It, Kinda!

I got to the Partial Derivatives Lab in my prep course and was able to finish it without assistance! I had been holding off on it until I felt confident, but it turns out I neede da clear head and to write out the problem facing me on paper a few times.

I listened to the Python Talk podcast over the weekend while driving to and from Long Island. Specifically, I listened to Beginners and Experts in Software Development and StaticFrame, like Pandas but safer, which helped me gain perspective about how I was feeling about approaching these labs. In the StaticFrame episode, Christopher Ariza spoke about how he approached a problem at work by breaking it down to the most basic levels.

It was that approach that led me to figure out how to solve the problem. I’m being a little vague because I’m not sure how cool it would be of me to post my solution to when other people are also working on the same lab.

It’s inefficient at the moment, but the answers are correct and I got there on my own. I have until April 3 to tighten it up, but god damn I was able to finish this damn thing with a week and a half to spare.

I’m going to a pizza and code study session tonight to talk through some of this with other students, but it’s sunny skies from here on out in terms of how I feel going into my technical interview.