Partial Derivatives Lab is Ready

Pizza + Code was a success on a personal level. While it took a while to get all of the variables properly named, I successfully realized how I could turn my excessively simple code into a loop to get the results I was looking for. I’ve gone through the code and marked it up to better explain what I had done and walk through the math that I did to get there. The original code was 271 characters and the new code is 238 characters.

I got a little tripped up a tiny bit finding the derivative of a multivariate function, specifically the y in a df/dx function or the x in a df/dy function. It’s been fixed. The problem I was having is that the term^(term – 1) was the same as the term when making the calculations.

While Pizza + Code was a success for me in terms of making the code efficient, no one else pursuing Data Science at Flatiron School. I wasn’t terribly surprised, it was at Access Labs and that branch of the school doesn’t offer Data Science classes. I listened, had pizza, worked on my code, and chatted a bit. There aren’t other study groups before my technical interview, but I feel ready for it regardless.

For the next week, I’ll be working on the Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps, continuing the Data Camp training and looking over the code from the lab on a daily basis to stay sharp on it.