Idea: Use the Buddy System to Get Around Blackout Restrictions

Can anyone confirm if this is possible?

If you know someone else that wants to purchase the video package, but both live in the cities your favorite teams play in, it might be possible to purchase the subscription, then simply trade accounts.


I’m in Brooklyn, Gavin’s in Baltimore. I want to watch the Yankees and Gavin was to hate himself by watching the Orioles. I give Gavin my login information and he gives me his. That way, my account is from NYC and shamefully watches Orioles games and Gavin’s account is from Baltimore and triumphantly watches Yankees games.

Commenters, please help me out if this is possible!

3 thoughts on “Idea: Use the Buddy System to Get Around Blackout Restrictions”

  1. Rob, the MLB.TV account blacks out in-market, no matter where the account holder lives.

    I think a better solution is to get a friend or family to host a Slingbox for you, and then you can get the Yankees anywhere, including the WWOR games which are not part of the MLB.TV or MLB Extra Innings packages.

  2. First your wife beats up on the Orioles on her blog, now you? Come on, the Orioles to enough of that on their own!

    Ian is right. They block you based on location. Some people use proxy servers, but the speeds aren’t always fast enough for smooth video, I hear.

    Stupid MLB and their old-timey cable contracts. I have MONEY that I want to GIVE THEM, but they are not interested in taking it.

    But the baseball season will be over for me in a couple weeks anyway so what’s even the point oh god my team sucks so bad.

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