2012’s Required Reading/Watching.

At some point recently I realized that I haven’t read/watched books/movies I should have by the time I turned 30. I’ve begun to rectify that, and I’m hoping to get it all accomplished in 2012.

Rob Blatt’s incomplete list of required reading/listening/watching

  • Ian Fleming’s 13 James Bond novels
  • The films of Stanley Kubrick
  • Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels
  • The Godfather movies (even the third)
  • The Star Wars Prequels

I got a Kindle Fire as a gift, and I am almost halfway through the James Bond novels (5/13 read).

With the James Bond novels, it’s easy to know what order to read them in. The books are chronological. What about the Kubrick movies? Do I watch them in the order of release? Do I start with the films on the AFI 100 list?

I feel the need to defend me listing the Star Wars Prequels along the other items on the list. I’m Star Wars obsessed overall, and I’ve seen the original trilogy well over 100 times, but I haven’t seen The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones since I saw them on release day in the theater and I’ve never seen Revenge of the Sith. I don’t expect to enjoy them, but I’m interested in being completest.

The same goes for the third Godfather film. I’m aware that it’s not good, but I would rather know for myself instead of taking everyone’s word for it.