The Worst Type of Exploitation Spam

As you probably know, I’m looking for work. One of the things I do on a regular basis is to post my resume to the resume section of NYC Craigslist. As a result, I get a lot of false promises in my inbox, but today I got the absolute worst kind of spam.

The Shods - BamboozledGreetings,

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I am writing to you with regards to your posting in the resume section on Craigslist.

This may no be exactly what you posted for originally, but it is an opportunity to join one of the fastest growing companies in Texas, Illinois, New York, as well as America.

“This is spam.”

Our company enjoyed an unheard of 500% growth rate last year right in the middle of our current economic situation. In the years to follow, our company will become a household name. You can start part-time and eventually work this full time.

Here’s the fantastic claim. 500% growth? Where did they start? If I made $1 last week and made $5 this week, I made a 500% jump in sales.

Spam with Cheese by kris247 on FlickrI am an established businessman, and an officer in the US Army Reserve, located in NY. If you are friendly, open minded, enthusiastic, coachable, and trainable, I may have an opportunity for you. If you are not, kindly ignore this one time email.

Interested in learning more? Simply send me a reply to this email, and I will send you a few links to browse.

No pressure or drama, just information for you to decide if our opportunity might be a good fit for you.

If you are not interested, no worries, I sincerely thank you for the time you took to read this, and wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

This is a bit of a masked man fallacy. Because we’re lead to believe that US Army officers are trustworthy, we should place our trust in this guy. He plays the nice guy card and tells me that I can ignore this email if I want to.





I have such a problem with this kind of spam because it’s praying on people who are putting themselves out there to be found. Instead of the intended audience, they have to deal with sorting through this garbage. Hopefully someone who gets this email and searches parts of it will find this post and realize that they are being swindled.

If you’ve been sent some spam that is over the top and should be exploited, I encourage you to post it online to help others out.

Spam photo: Spam with Cheese by kris247

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  1. Hey man, I've been looking for work too. I received this email and, admittedly, it sounds like spam because of the over the top promise and the fact that what the company actually does is never mentioned. But we all get more desperate the more days go by that we are still jobless, and I find myself just hoping that some of it is true. I searched “” which this man claimed was part of his email address and landed here. I really appreciate people like you who look out for us all and post these scams. This kind of thing just disgusts me – preying on people who are in a hard state to begin with.
    Again, thanks.

  2. I get this kind of spam from every account I open up that's job related. Everyone is preying on those who are in need and it's pretty disgusting. I'm pretty sure that I have SEO that's almost as good as some of the spam sites, so hopefully people find this and don't fall for it again.

  3. I received a similar email, and I have to admit at first I questioned the legitimacy of it as well. But times are tough, the job market is tight so I'm not leaving any stone unturned (a guy has to feed his family ya know?). Posting on Craigslist is definitely “buyer beware”, but if you post your true email address out there and receive an email like this, I'm not sure I would consider it spam. Well I bit on the email, and was pleasantly surprised. The guy was well spoken, there was no hype, and he simply presented what was a pretty interesting opportunity. I asked him why he didn't reveal more in the initial email, and he said it was a competitive industry and didn't want google detectives to jump to conclusions before he had a fair shake at presenting all the information. Listen, I ended up accepting another position just yesterday, so I didn't come on board with his company, but he actually seemed sincere, and the opportunity looked actually pretty good. I think what you've done here is pretty interesting and could actually be helpful, but I think you ended up catching a dolphin in your tuna net IMHO. I came across your web site because even though I ended up passing, I'm still very intrigued by what he had to offer, and am trying to wrestle with how to act on his offer.

  4. I just received this same email from posting on Craigslist in the resume section. I decided to do a little research before responding to it because of a recent experience with someone from the UK who sent me a fake cashier's check as payment to hold a room I was renting out. Anyway, I am not planning to respond after reading this post and I hope that whoever sent the email is unable to find someone to con. I don't know what the con is yet and I really don't care. I could only find a Spark Energy Co that's based in the UK and for me, that sends up some red flags! I need a job here in Texas, not some telecommute scam from some unidentifiable person in the UK.

  5. It's amazing how people can sit there and create a sound opportunity to re-enter the work force and become a responsible member of society. What they do not realize is that they maybe making fast easy cash that is almost untraceable but they can't see the inter-dynamics of the disaster that ensues the one seeking the opportunity. The “company” offers you a Golden ticket not realizing that when they scam you they are also putting more of a strain on the economic structure of the victims household. they can't understand that the victim may become divorced, homeless, childless, and with those ingredience it is a recipe for criminal activities to get by along with dependency on substances, and desperatation to become a fraction of ones former self. People wonder why they watch the news and see that some guy/gal went crazy and commited horrendous acts of desperation just to get by. i wish Medeival laws were re-established against these people… You never hear of a thief in the Middle East because they all want to keep there hands or tounge. I pray these financial predators are found or are smacked in the head by the societal hammer and knock some sense into these night crawlers

  6. Hi was doing a bit of research after reviewing the info, and it's a real opp, and a real company.

    Why are you all afraid to take a couple of steps to find out more instead of sticking your heads in the grounds like ostriches? The amount of time and energy some of you guys spend to write internet articles is amazing and for what? Did posting here help you get any closer to becoming more successful in life? No, you are probably in the same position as you are before you took your “precious time” to post here. Did it ever occur to you that perhaps, just perhaps, there may be an element of truth to email? I took a chance and responded, and I'm happy that I did.

    If you are bitter at your current state, don't blame anyone else, don't blame the economy, don't blame the internet…Take a look in the mirror and get yourself in gear. Maybe if some of you were not so self righteous and spent more time being less skeptical and bit more positive, you might find yourself in a better situation.

    It's not your god given right to have a source of income, sometimes you have to search for it and quite possibly open up the blinders to consider everything that comes your way. Do your part, check everything out before you all start spewing things on the net in public forums. Posting here without all the facts is a form of spam itself. If you had bad pizza from one pizzeria, does that mean all pizza is bad?

    And no, I'm not an employee of the company, just a guy trying to make a living for his family, who responded to a similar message, and was happy at what I found. See, I took the extra step of checking things out for myself, instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off looking for the worst in other people, because it's easier to that then to try and fix my own challenges. Get real people, if you don't check things out for yourself, don't self appoint yourself as know-it-alls for anyone else. I'm now putting food on my table and am grateful that I got that same email.

    Jack Pine

  7. Yeah man, I don't know what the big deal is here. I posted my resume publicly, was looking for someone to contact me, and he did. It wasn't exactly what I had put up my listing for but, you know what? Just like you I need to feed my family…It would be irresponsible of me not to overturn any stone that's out there.

    I checked it out and the guy was honest and sincere, he didn't overhype or sugarcoat anything. Do yourself a favor, check it out for yourself to see if it's fit, don't let any wet towels or your broke brother-in-law types try to convince you otherwise.



  9. “HC”,

    Lol, with grammar, spelling, and capitalization skills like yours, for example, “WHATS THE BIG MISTERY.” It's no wonder you are unemployed.

    YOU are giving advice to others ? That's like getting advice from a broke brother-in-law.

  10. Thank you for posting this! I got this email this morning after posting my resume on Craigslist. It did seem too good to be true and wanted to get some information on it before I replied back. I really don't need anymore spam, just a job! :)

    My email was signed Chip (ah, using different names now)

  11. “Hopefully someone who gets this email and searches parts of it will find this post and realize that they are being swindled.”

    Goal met. =) I googled “” Funny, though.. my emailer's name was “Chip”.

  12. Ahhh, yes. and it true-to-form marketer style, there's the personal attack. Hey Charlie… I, myself, work for affiliate marketers / internet marketers. I can spot these things from a mile away. Frankly, “HC” is correct. When you break down the information you're given on AN offer, and you find there's no solid details (just a bunch of hype), it's a scam. Not to mention, if it was a “real, legitimate company”, they wouldn't need to mass email every single person that posts a resume on Craigslist.

  13. Ahhh, yes. and it true-to-form marketer style, there's the personal attack. Hey Charlie… I, myself, work for affiliate marketers / internet marketers. I can spot these things from a mile away. Frankly, “HC” is correct. When you break down the information you're given on AN offer, and you find there's no solid details (just a bunch of hype), it's a scam. Not to mention, if it was a “real, legitimate company”, they wouldn't need to mass email every single person that posts a resume on Craigslist.

  14. Just got the same email from putting my resume on DC craigslist, the only diffrence is he changed his name to chip. Will post it on my blog when I get home and link back to yours so more people can see this is a scam.

  15. I like most people received the e-mail from spark1energy. It sounded like a scam to me but Ive been out of work for a long time now so I dug around and found some info that many people might find useful. spark1energy is also on the trump blog but under a different name. They go by ambit energy but are one in the same with spark1. After the original blog there are a few posts from spark1 claiming to be part of ambit. They claim to market some form of energy or the like and that you can profit off of everyone who uses energy by being a work at home consultant. On my e-mail it was also Chip but all of the spark1 pages are still run by ash. After looking at the sight I can see how someone could fall for this but really people they have two web sights under different names, two names for the same e-mail, really no legit company would do that. Also I find it interesting that many of the names used here on the positive blogs are the same that appeared on the web sight and the trump blog. I hope that no one falls for this. Its so easy to want to jump at the first job when you have been out of work for a long time, but do what I did and do a lot of homework so you dont end up a victim.

  16. I just got a similar email like the email you posted about Spark1Energy,and is from that same company. Don't worry, my scam radar went up like a screaming red flag. I did reply to them,but only to let them know I am not interested. They sent me another one, thinking I was expressing interest in whatever baloney they were trying to give me. I am going to delete their email.
    I knew they were scammers because 1. These sort of companies never really tell you up front what they do as a company,and 2. They don't tell you what they expect you to do (up front), as an employee. The offers are always vague and usually propose their position as an “opportunity”. Well as soon as I see things like that, I know at once they're up to no good.
    I would rather have someone say this; I need a data entry clerk or receptionist or whatever, Our company does this (fill in the blank), and we need someone with these skills (fill in the blank). We would like to schedule an interview with you at this time.
    The serious employers sometimes will even tell you what they are offering an hour.

  17. I forgot to say…Spark1Energy found me via the Los Angeles (South Bay area) Craigslist. I knew that the scammers would reply first, they almost always do.

  18. Chip is the one who emailed me too. I tried to phrase my email so that he would see I wasn't interested. Maybe I should have been a little stricter and let him have it,by saying, I'm not interested, please don't send me anymore mail.

  19. Hi.

    Just received the same e-mail as well. Can't help but wondering if Craigslist is broken? Is it coming undone somehow?

  20. I am currently seeking a part time position either as a data entry operator,receptionist,file clerk, customer service rep. I need a part time position because I am interested in attending a Massage school in the Southbay and I need the job first. The location should be close to Pacific Coast Highway so I can take the 232 bus that runs along that street. I have to take the Green Line to Mariposa to get to this bus.

    **Important!!*** NO WORK AT HOME POSITIONS, NO CASH ONLY POSITIONS. If I see an email that I suspect is a scam, even from the look of the email before opening,I will delete it.
    I need a legitimate position that goes through either a normal interviewing process and takes out all the required amounts from my check (income tax,etc). I do have a Skype account,and would be willing to have Video conferences with the interviewer via Skype if they are willing. If any potential employer would like to consider that option,then please email me and let me know ahead of time so I know who you are on skype. If you decide after the interview that I’m not right for the position,then after we finish the skype interview, I’ll delete your name as a courtesy to you.


    Here is my resume:

    Sheila Labbe
    3351 Marine Ave, Apt#33
    Gardena, CA. 90249
    Skype: sheila.labbe1
    Experienced Data Entry Clerk seeks a position as a data entry clerk and/or office assistant.

    MS Word 2007
    MS Excel 2007
    45-50 wpm
    Customer Service
    File Management
    Credit card chargebacks

    Centinela Valley Adult Sch. – Lawndale, CA.
    High School Diploma Program (1997)

    Right Way Computer Training Center-Gardena, CA.
    MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, computer repair (2000)

    SCROC (Southern California Regional Occupational Center)-Torrance, CA
    Hospital Occupations, Data Entry/Computer Operations, Office Occupations, Retail Grocery (1985-87)

    Relevant Experience
    Kit Assembler, AppleOne (on assignment), Torrance, CA. (2008)
    • Assembled medical kits for doctors and veterinarians at Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostic
    Data Entry Clerk, Nationwide Business Resources (NBR), Lawndale, CA. (2006-2008)
    • Updated and corrected customer information in company database
    • Checked invoices for errors and typos
    • Created new folders for new customers

    File Clerk, Venturi Staffing Partners (on assignment), Torrance, CA. (2005-2006)
    • File Management (at Z Gallerie)
    • Manually updated employee records

    Customer Service Representative/Administrative Assistant (2005)
    • Sold $500-$1000 of company product a day
    • Assisted customers with online orders as well as telephone and mail orders
    • Helped new employees understand policies and procedures
    • Processed refunds for returned products
    • Handled credit card disputes in a professional manner
    • Processed online orders
    • Occasionally contacted vendors for services and to make payments

    File Clerk, Nationwide Business Resources (NBR), Lawndale, CA. (2001-2005)
    • Pulled files for various departments
    • Created new folders for new customers
    • Copied orders and sorted them to go to the right departments
    • Sorted new and reorder invoices for filing purposes
    • Occasionally assisted in data entry tasks when needed

    Other Experience
    Toy Tester, Spherion (on assignment at Mattel), Hermosa Beach, CA. (1998-99)
    • Tested the endurance and integrity of potential new toys
    • Assisted in setting up displays for the parking lot sales for Mattel
    References Available Upon Request

  21. I’m happily married to a very sweet man.I have two cockatiels for children, Pretty Bird and Cookie bird. I love collecting all sorts of books and pictures. I love to go to cultural faires and book faires with my husband. I always enjoy meeting new people who are open minded and kind.I love art and music. I’m not a brand name Christian. I’m more of a Christian Druid. I don’t like politics, I hate politics. Politics bore me. I do however like to be politically correct. I’m a firm believer in the supernatural. I love to cook. I like Mediterranean food, Mexican Food, Chinese, Greek,and some Indian food. I love the ocean,love parties,especially Halloween parties. I love people from the UK and Ireland so please, feel free to get in touch.

    My 2009 resolutions will have to be done in parts. First of all, this disgusting weight must come off. I can no longer look in the mirror and tolerate the flab.

    Before 1997,I’d never been that heavy. The heaviest I ever got to was 157. Then I lost alot weight,alot. I went down to 133 in 1995. My clavicle started showing up, my ribs poked out,and I fit into a lovely size 8!! I could wear anything I wanted. I went to the Salvation Army and selected some nice pieces of clothing with pride. Evan Picone and Jones New York. I don’t always shop at the popular stores with brand new clothes. I find alot of the clothes ridiculous and of flimsy design and endurance.

    So right at the moment, I’m stuck (but not for long) in a size 18. I’m around 216 now. I was a disgusting 220. But the weight is coming off. Not only that but as long as I don’t miss a day of my thyroid medicine, I’ll feel better and more alert.

    I remember,with fondness,when I was down to 205. But I was working back then and still losing weight. I love being being home, I really do,but staying at home doesn’t make you lose weight, but the other way around.

    The food in the fridge just stares at you wickedly until you reach for something.

    The next resolution, one that must be remedied very soon, is this jobless situation. I recently realized that my resume,as nice as I thought it looked,simply wasn’t doing me any favors. I have taken steps already to change the way it looks so it will attract potential employers. Hopefully the next boss will be male, and nice,diplomatic and funny- like my first boss, Rob Watson. He was great.

    I don’t like female bosses. I’ve said it before,can’t seem to emphasize that enough. I don’t get along with female bosses that much. The only female bosses I have ever got along with are at Z Gallerie. I miss Christy and Amy,I really do. They were so well mannered,kind and diplomatic. They were true ladies. And true ladies are something that’s hard to bump into nowadays. I try to be a lady as much as I can.

    The other resolution is to keep a cleaner home and be a better wife to my hubby. A messy house seems like a show of disrespect.

    Another resolution- to make more friends in my own area (ok,not Gardena). Areas like Torrance and the beach cities. I need to reach out more,so I’m not so isolated. I love myspace and facebook but come on, I need more friends that I can call on the phone every now and then. I have more resolutions but these are it for now.

  22. Dear Robblatt: This person that I'm replying to: is the person who has chosen impersonate me, and copy and paste words from one of my blogs and also my resume with my personal info. I did not post that info!! I thought that you had rules that helped us to keep ourselves from being impersonated by others!! Well, I didn't give anyone permission to put my resume on this site or paste info from my myspace or whatever blog this came from. I want the info from the post I am replying to taken off at once!!

    How you could allow someone to do that to me,I don't know. I didn't ask for this!! I don't care if the person signed in as slabb. I didn't post that on here!! The posts I have are a few on the Sparks Energy emails that some of us here have received.
    note: the comments in question have been removed

  23. You need to take that info off from here!! That is my info and you have stolen it!! I wasn't even home 3 hours ago to even post anything!! Whoever you are, please have some kind of decency and delete my info. You had no right to put MY resume and info on this site. Why are you doing this to me? What gives you the frigging right to impersonate me and do this to me!! TAKE IT OFF!! I HAVE ALREADY REPORTED YOU.
    note: the comments in question have been removed

  24. Thanks to you, whoever is trying to impersonate me, I now have to delete my Myspace blogs and all the other stuff! You have copied and pasted stuff from my myspace, my craigslist ad,and my Windows Live accounts!! Why?

    If anyone else is reading this, take care,because I have just been impersonated by someone else who has hacked into my accounts!!
    note: the comments in question have been removed

  25. It's not coming undone as much as it is an open gateway for scum like Spark1Energy to blast emails like this one to everyone who posts looking for work. You can check Sheila's comment earlier as proof. Despite saying she didn't want this kind of email, they sent her one anyway. There are some things that we can do as consumers that can hinder their emailing abilities. One would be to not post your full email address when using craigslist. Instead, use the built in Craigslist email. Next would be to google any offer you receive. Many people have found this post instead of pursuing it any further.

    you can't stop these kinds of people, you can only hope to slow them down.

  26. I couldn't agree more. All of the time and resumes I have spent responding to Craigslist Ads has all been bogus. I don't even bother with the emails. Thanks, your page makes me smile. At least I'm not the only one who has wasted too much time trying to find legitmate work. Good luck. I'll have to check out your blattcave!

  27. Rob you hit it on the nail! Unfortunately for spark1energy and many of the others that came to me, they did not seem to notice the one part of my ad that states “I excell at research”! The email I received was signed by a person named Chip. Naturaly I was drawn to the comment below from “Chip” I already knew what the content of his comment would be just by his name.
    But as I said, I excell at research. For most of the scammers it only took me 30 seconds to find them out. When I searched “Whois” and “GoDaddy” for Spark1energy, I found nothing on them. So to summarize, It is a scam that I have reported. And for those who may comment behind me in favor of this scam, just know this, there are 3 very powerful organizations for reporting this type of scam on the internet. Believe it or not there is an internet police force that is geared up and able to handle this crap and the 3 of them work together internationally and have worldwide arrest and prosecution authority. So bye-bye scammers! You P*SS me off and will pay for it!

  28. Thanks Kris! I just got the same e mail and your post online helped me out! Although I am desperately searching for work I am always skeptical of the responses I get. Thanks Again!

  29. the person that sent it to me today was chip also. what kind of army reserves officer goes by chip. come on i was an officer i would be hella proud of my ranking and say it to the world.

    sorry just saying lol

  30. Thank you so much for this information, times are hard and we must make every dollar count. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  31. Hey I got the exact same email today from a guy name Chip. So what is this company? Is it made entirely of officers in the US Army? I totally agree with you. We put our resumes out there to get noticed and these jerks think we're stupid enough to fall for a scam like this.

  32. I completely agree! The reason I put this post up in the first place was to save other people the time and energy. It's clearly done some good, as this is the first result in Google when looking up “spark1energy”

  33. I actually completely disagree, but let's see how long this post is allowed to stay up.

    I too came across your site, after doing a bit of research. All I can say is you are way offbase, and others without doing their own research are simply joining on your bandwagon here.

    I'm not sure if this is an effort to generate more traffic for your own blog or resume and if that's the case you're actually pretty good at it…

    Anyway, the email was real, without knowing it you have actually helped turn good people away from something that is actually good…

    Yet you allow the link from “Barron” to exist below, quite hypocritical, and quite smutty. But here's the quandary you now face, do you leave his link on as a testament to how hypocritical the whole post is, or do you take it off and now leave others to wonder what was there in the first place that was so hypocritical…or better yet do you just delete both of these posts.

    Rob, your intentions may have been well, but quite simply I think you got it all wrong by being prejudiced in your thinking (not referring to being racial). You just got ahead of yourself…but in doing so got yourself some nice traffic here.

    Anyway I'm a web guy myself not affiliated with the company you mention (which again seems self serving for SEO purposes), but had a few minutes on my hand, a bit of extra caffeine in my system, and thought I would take a few moments to comment on self righteous and self appointed people.

    Again, I'll be amazed Batman, to see how long this stays up in your cave.

    Remember Karma comes around…think about that for a while…in fact dwell on it.

    Good Day.

  34. Guest, I'm not in the business of stifling speech, even on my own blog. You can see other comments that disagree with me on this post. I also thank you for giving attention to the inappropriate link posted to another comment.

    To address some of your points, SEO was not the reason I wrote this. If it was, I would have put the name of the company in the title of the post instead of burying it in the post. My opinion is the reason I posted it. There are plenty of people, as seen by other comments to this post, that have received the same exact form email that was signed by many different names and felt that something was wrong about the email. Here's another blog post that had the same concerns I did:

    While you might say you're not with the company, I question why you would choose to leave an anonymous comment and also choose not to say how you know of this company. It would lend more credibility to your argument to leave the appropriate information. I've been corrected in the past and noted it retroactively on the blog before. I welcome an open and honest debate if you choose to have one.

  35. Like I said in the post, I believe that claiming military experience is an attempt to gain trust, and there are plenty of people that wouldn't question it. That's why I put this post up.

    thanks for the comment.

  36. This comment is from a guy named Chip.. thats the same name as the guy who sent the spam email (I got one too!) Hmm.. what are the odds…

  37. I received this e-mail from a guy named Chip. After response I receive an automated response stating to check out a website. But the response said “Please note this is an automated message in order to get you a reply just as soon as possible. If you posed any questions in your message, we will do our best to answer those questions after you've had a chance to review the links.” or something like that. Anyways, my Firefox blocked it for being harmful attack site. You can review that info here:… but essentially it said as soon as 7 January 2010 that it has malicious stuff on it.

  38. It's kind of pointless to prey on the jobless. Hello! If their bank accounts were full of cash do you think they would be looking for a job? Tard.

  39. @Bryan They do it because they are sometimes successful. Even if you are only successful 1% of the time, multiply that by 2000 people you spammed that's considerable money.

  40. This is awful. I recently posted my resume to as I am also looking for work and desperately seeking all avenues to get myself hired. I posted my resume today, and ten minutes later I received the exact same email, except my ex-officer's name is Chip (how utterly all-American). A quick scan of the net led me to a s**t site and then of course, to your posting. Good luck in your job search and thanks for posting this.

  41. What a load of utter garbage. Funny, I received this exact same email from someone named Chip. Coincidence? I'm inclined to believe it is not. Shame on you.

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