Eating World Records: January Progress

I set out to set a world record for something eating related each month in 2012. At least 12 world records to add to my current world record. This week, I got started!

This week, I was part of the RecordSetter live show at the JCC in Manhttan, out to set a record for the fastest time to open and eat two cans of ravioli.

The JCC requested that I eat cheese ravioli instead of beef, which turned out to be a little issue! Cheese ravioli in a can is hard to find these days, but eventually I found some at the Atlantic Center Target. I’m surprised they had any based on their track record of keeping things in stock.

I always feel a little out-of-place when I’m put on a show with people doing things I consider real feats of amazingness. I feel this way about the shows I do with the skint and I felt the same way that night. There was someone doing pushups on his knuckles with 100 pounds of weight in a backpack. There were teenagers making sandwiches for City Harvest. Elliot Glazer (the guy from the Shit New Yorkers Say) sang the Golden Girls theme song as many times as possible while the Golden Girls theme song played.

then there was me. Eating two cans of ravioli as quickly as I could, getting sauce on my beard (sexy, I know) and setting a new world record.

I put down my fork, showed Dan Rollman and Ella Morton my empty mouth and made history.

One minute and twenty two seconds.