The Same Way You Eat an Elephant

A frustrating day turned productive. I came across Codementor this morning, which allows tutors to bid to help me. Throw up a problem, connect over voice chat, discuss the problem, and find a solution.

In one of the labs I was given something to solve (changing strings to floats within a list of dictionaries) and had been banging my head against a wall for a while. I could see the solution in my head, but didn’t know how to get there. I eventually got as close as I could come through helping myself and made a request for a tutor to help.

I had written a lot of code, probably 4x what was necessary. The issue was that I was looking at the whole problem and not the smallest part first. It’s the cliche of eating an elephant. You gotta take small bites. I was trying to figure out how the physics of making my jaw as large as the elephant.

I bought the Python Pocket Reference book from the Barnes & Nobles in Brooklyn Heights for a quick glossary when I need. I’m getting there, but I need to learn to take small bites.