Getting To April 3 Will Be Tough

Years ago I had a job that required me to have php knowledge. I had just about none (I may have fibbed a little on my resume) so I took a two day class to bone up on it. I learned enough to make some changes to the website and be able to make small changes where I needed them.I can’t say that I learned php or that I could call myself a php developer. I was a guy who knew enough php to keep his job.

I’m less than a week into this, but I’m already feeling the difficulty in learning a new language. I’m not sure that I’ve grasped the fundamentals so I’ve started watching a series of videos about the basics of php and downloaded an app to my iPad to quiz me on the basics.

One of the issues that I’m having is learning in isolation. When I feel stuck I feel I have no one to ask how to back out of the corner or where I went wrong. I know the classes will help that, but it’s an uphill battle until my technical interview on April 3rd.