So my interview didn’t go quite as planned, but not in an awful way. It was moved to the following morning and I felt very good about it. I had good reason to, because the following day I learned that I was accepted into the Flatiron School Data Science program!

After all the work that I put into the prep, my reward was being given more prep work on Python, SQL, Statistics and Probability, and Algebra. Back to the videos and tutorials!

For myself, I’ve been building a Dungeons and Dragons dice throwing simulator. It works! I’m going beyond the basic random number generator and trying to make something robust that I’ll actually be able to use while playing Dungeons and Dragons. It’s as challenging as it is rewarding and it’s a good exercise to be thinking about how things are flowing. Once I have an understanding of how to put it online, I shall.

Just got my “Welcome to Flatiron School” email. It all starts in one week.