CES 2010 Announcement

I’ll be at CES this year, part of a production team that includes Todd Cochrane from Geek News Central, Jeffrey Powers from Geekazine and Andrew McCaskey of SDR News. In a few days, I’m headed back to Las Vegas for CES as part of an experienced team of producers, bloggers, podcasters and all around kick-ass folks. We will be producing videos posting while we are at CES, after we leave and doing two special hours of live streaming from the NBC Universal stage. Under Tech Podcasts Network, we’ll have two live shows, one Saturday and one Sunday that I will be technical directing. I’ll be primarily functioning as someone off-camera, but there’s a chance you might see me on occasion spouting my opinions or interviewing someone.

I’ll be in Las Vegas from January 6th – January 12th, if you’re planning on being at CES, please leave a comment or contact me and we’ll meet up when we can.

To follow the coverage, here are the important links to keep track of what’s going on:

Rob Blatt on Twitter – Where I always am. Once I get to Vegas, expect most everything to be CES related.
CES Videos at Blip.tv, CES Videos RSS feed & CES Videos in iTunes – Polished video interviews from CES
CES Back Channel at Blip.tv, CES Back Channel RSS & CES Back Channel in iTunes – this is content we will be posting as we record it. It’s a rough look at what being at CES is like. Some behind the scenes, some interviews with smaller companies and some random stuff I’m sure.
NBC Universal at CES Schedule – Check to see who will be on the NBCU Stage
Tech Podcasts Network on UStream – Where you can see the live shows
Rob Blatt on FourSquare – If you’ll be in Vegas, you can see where I am as I check in on fourSquare

Here’s an announcement from Todd Cochrane, RawVoice CEO in video form:

This is something I’m extremely proud to be a part of, and if you’d like to follow along from wherever you are, I invite you to do so using the links I’ve provided.

Thank you to everyone who I’ve collaborated with, the experiences we shared helped me get to this point.